The Society for Hindu-Christian Studies is an association of scholars interested in the study of Hinduism, Christianity, and the interrelations between these two traditions. You will find information here about the society,
the  Journal of Hindu-Christian Studies, and other related material.

Hindu-Christian Studies

Mutual engagement via scholarly exchange

The Society for Hindu-Christian Studies was founded in November 1994 as a logical extension to the dialogue and scholarship being carried on in the Hindu-Christian Studies Bulletin (now the Journal of Hindu Christian Studies), which first appeared in 1988 under its founding editor, Dr. Harold Coward.

The society is dedicated to the study of Hinduism and Christianity and their interrelationships. It seeks to create a forum for the presentation of historical research and studies of contemporary practice, for the fostering of dialogue and interreligious conversation, carried forward in a spirit of openness, respect, and true inquiry.

In addition to publishing the Journal of Hindu-Christian Studies, the society sponsors annual meetings, bi-annual book awards, and HCac, an email discussion group for scholars in the field.

The Society for Hindu-Christian Studies is a Related Scholarly Organization of the American Academy of Religion.

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The Work of the Society for Hindu-Christian Studies

Annual Meetings

The society sponsors annual meetings in conjunction with the American Academy of Religion

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Book Awards

We recognize scholarship in the field with our biennial “Best Book in Hindu-Christian Studies” awards.

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The Journal of Hindu-Christian Studies has emerged as the premier academic journal in the field.

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You are welcome to contact us with any questions about the work of the society.

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